Company Info

Our Company was established with two goals in mind.

Our first goal was to organize events, tournaments, and live poker rooms that are attractive to the poker community. To reach this goal, we have gone out in the field and listened to the poker players. We have created an attractive schedule of events and player friendly structures. Players look for a friendly staff, but most of all, a staff that is honest and is capable of making fair and correct rulings. At Poker Executives, we have hired the best floor man, supervisors, and dealing staff available. Most of our staff are current or past employees of the World Series of Poker and are the best in the business. As a player, you can trust that any tournament that is directed by Poker Executives will be run professionally and honestly. We are known for listening to players and making adjustments when needed. We care about the player.

Our second goal is to ensure the tournament is profitable for the casino. If poker cannot be profitable, then casinos will not continue to host poker events. This does not mean we must raise the entry fees, rake etc. Raising entry fees, etc. will decrease the amount of player participation. We can help make poker tournaments profitable by hiring better staff and reducing the number of employees, and by making the tournament attractive to the player, which will bring in more players and money into the casino.

Casinos have many choices when hiring a company; casinos continue to give us repeat business. Past and present Casino references are available.

Our Company is based on Knowledge, Integrity, and Profitability.